Full Channel Strip

Universal Preamp With Dynamic Processor, Low-Cut Filter, De-Esser and Parametric EQ

        VOICE MASTER is an universal analogue Front-End for recording and live concerts.
It contents all that is needed for getting marvelous sound:
      High Quality Lo-noise preamps,
      Multifunctional dynamic processor,
      Four-band EQ with 2 bands of FULL parametrics,
      Output control and monitoring section.

          In preamp section there are included:
Balanced mic preamp with high input impedance at approx. 6 kOhm,
Unbalanced Hi-Z input (approx. 2Meg) for various pickups;
Phantom +48V switch;
Smooth gain regulator;
Three position switch for additional fixed gain (+10dB, 0dB. +20dB);
Tuneable Lo-Cut filter from 20Hz to 300 Hz,
Indicator of preamp output lelel;
Unbalanced output.

          In dynamic processor section there are included:
Adaptive RMS-compressor with "Soft Knee", auto-dynamics and 3 algorithms of processing;
Tuneable from 2 kHz to 16 kHz de-esser;
Output limiter;
Automatic gain control system;
Full indication of dynamic processing activity.

           In EQ section there are included:
Two bands of "Shelf-like" our proprietary EQ at LOW and HI;
Two bands of fully paramitric processing.
            Each band have it`s own BELL\SHELF switch, frequency multiplier x10,
            two modes of "Q" - "Proportional Q" and "Conventional Q", and individual bypass.

          In output section there are included:
Smooth output level regulator;
Output level meter;
High quality control amp for headphones;
Headphones and control levels regulator.


           At rear panel VOICE MASTER are placed:
Mic input connector,
Unbalanced output socket for preamps;
Input and output connectors for dynamic processor;
Side-Chain socket for external control of compressor;
Input and output connectors for equaliser;
3 main outputs sockets: two balanced via XLR & TRS jack, and unbalanced via TS jack;
Separate unbalanced monitor outpurs L & R via TS jacks.

Connectors side

Optionally at rear panel of VOICE MASTER is placed stereophonic input jack socket input to feed external signal into the monitor section.
              It allows to hear in monitors and headphones external signal, to send musical "minus" to headphones when recording vocals, and so on.

                Also in the VOICE MASTER there are some our exclusive small "tricks":
Output connectors sockets of EQ and dynamic processor may be switched to use them as INSERT for to connect external devices
            between this outputs and next processors in VOICE MASTER;
Compressor and EQ signal sequence processing may be altered by FLIP switch on a faceplatte.
           Also is possible to switch VOICE MASTER`s EQ into the compressor`s Side-Chain.

            Also at rear are placed power socket and switch and GROUND LIFT.

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