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This is our newest bestseller, the 16-channel
stereophonic summing mixer - summator
It has superb sound quality,
ultra-wide frequency responce and super-low distortion

32 channels in, 2 channels out - the serious tool for high quality audio mixing in digital domain!

     It is not a secret that when you mix digitally within Your DAW or PC, you can lose some sound nuances and "air", and degrade the sound quality of final mix because of limited word lenght in any of today`s DAW.
      This 16-channel stereophonic summing mixer will help You to maintain clarity and integrity of Your sound, providing superb sonic performance to Your mixes!
      It creates analog summing for Your digital audio mix, without any artefacts that often may be found in "digital-only" mixes.

            Sound path in this summing mixer is fully balanced and it includes :
      16 stereophonic low-noise balanced input channels,
       Ultra-fast summing stage,
       Balanced regulated output section.

   Each input channel of the mixer includes:
Balanced line input,
3-stage level indicator,
2 Independent attenuating stages,
MONO switch.

   Each balanced input channel of the mixer is build with top-of-the-line components, featuring ultra-low noise and neglible low distortion.
   Each input channel has level meter that controls internal level within it. It consist of 3 LED`s that are showing "-20db", "0db" and "Peak", that corresponds to "presence of signal", "normal level" and "attention!".
   Upper red LED will light when internal signal level will reach (-3db) below clip.
   For volume control each channel is equipped with the stepped gold-plated relay attennuator. Because of the necessity to maintain maximal integrity of sound, this attennuator is made with two fixed steps, divisible by 6db: -12 db and -24db. Both of them may be activated at the same time, providing total max. 36db of attennuation.
   Also each stereo channel has MONO button, it lets You to place the sound in this channel strictly into the center of sound image. Doing so will also let You to use both two input channels for two independent "central" mono sources at the same time.
 OPTION!   By the use of the internal jumpers the sensitivity of any input may be altered:
   Removing of it will increase the sensitivity from nominal level at +28dbu to +22dbu, if necesary.
   It may be done on L and\or R inputs individually.

    For the best possible sound, SUMMATOR is designed in a new concept, so-called "No-Bus".
It means that there are no busses at all! Instead of them we use summing node, so each signal is directly feeded to the summig stage, excluding long and noisy summing busses.
   All the input signals are summed together in the specially designed ultra-fast fully-symmetrical summing stage with the more than 200 V/mS slew rate. It provides very accurate summing with unprecedented precision and linearity, thus maintaining all, even the smallest, sound details.
   Output level of the summing stage is controlled by 7-segment level meter. It`s LED`s are placed in 3db steps, giving to You the ability to control the most important higher part of dynamic range. Upper red LED will light when internal signal level will reach (-3db) below clip.

   Output stage of the mixer includes:
Continuously variable high-quality ALPS rotary fader,
Balanced 600 ohm drive capable output.

   Summing mixer is housed in 2U steel case and has the highly sofisticated external power supply.
   This power supply consists of 4 pairs (totally 8) individual stabilized linear low-noise voltage regulators, sourced from 4 independent toroidal transformers.
   Mixer and it`s power supply are shown on the photo below .

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Real photo

     At rear panel of the summing mixer are placed 32 XLR-type balanced input connectors, 2 balanced XLR-type output connectors and multy-pin power connector.

     Full bandwidth is no less than 1 Hz to 800 kHz, in audio band nonlinearity of
    AFC is no more than 0,05 dB with 600 ohm load, phase deviation is no more than 5.

     THD @1kHz with input at +25dbu is no more than 0,00038%.

     In full audio band with input at +25dbu THD is less than 0,0005%.

     DIM-100 IMD with input at +25dbu is no more than 0,00079%.

     SMPTE with input at +25dbu is no more than 0,001%.

          Noise at output:
     At MASTER closed: ..................................... - 95dbu (-98dbA).
     At MASTER fully open: ................................. - 92dbu (-95dbA).

          Max level:
     Balanced input : .............................................. +29dbu.
     Balanced output : ............................................ +29dbu.

       S/N ratio with MASTER fully open:.................120db

     Here You can see the most important parameters of this SUMMATOR.

 Additionally : You may compare the quality of this LONG 16-channel stereophonic summing mixer with it`s closest competitor - Dangerous 2-BUS - by looking at the comparison picture below: