Renowed version of our well-known
Dual Mic`s DynAmp :

2-channel Mic & Line Preamp & Dynamic Processor


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This is renowed version of the our bestseller, the most famous
Dual Mic`s DynAmp!
It now has much more better sound quality,
and also offers to You much more functions,
including the ability to configure some of it`s functions by You!

            Sound path in STEREO CHANNEL includes :
      2 channels of high quality, low-noise preamplification,
      Two multi-functional dynamic processors,
      Sofisticated output section.

   Each channel of the preamplifier includes:
Balanced Mic input,
Phantom power switch +48V;
Independent unbalanced High-Z (2Mohm) linear input for the pick-ups;
Gain control;
Lo-Cut filter,
Inverter of the phase polarity,
Input select button;
Preamp`s level indicator;
Unbalanced output.
   Each section of the preamplifier consist of the two fully independent amplifiers with separate inputs, ultra-low noise and low distortion microphone amplifier with balanced input and linear amplifier with unbalanced Hi-Z input.
   Both amplifiers have only one common control: VOLUME knob.
   Because there is only one OUTPUT connector preamp sends to output jack the same signal that is selected for processing by the button on the front panel.
   It lets You to insert an external signal processing device between preamp and internal dynamic processor.
 OPTION!   By the use of the internal jumpers signal routine may be altered:
   To output connector will be routed signal that is NOT selected for the internal processing.
   Doing so will let You to use both two input amplifiers (or all four) at the same time!

   Each channel of the dynamic processor includes:
Adaptive "Soft Knee" RMS-compressor with automatic dymamics,
       and three switchable algorithms of processing;
Soft programme-adaptive expander\gate;
Multy-rate output limiter;
Automatic Gain MAKE-UP;
Sofisticated indication system.
 OPTION!   Dynamic processor`s OUTPUT connector may be reconfigured to function as "post-processor insert".
  This may be done by changing the position of the internal jamper and simultaneously usage of the T-R-S phone plug for that purposes.

        Into the Output section are included:
Independent output controls for each channel ;
Individual output level meters for each channel;
MONO button for controlling timbre of resulting sound and mono compatibility;
High-quality power amplifier for headphones;
Volume control knob.
 OPTION!   MONITOR signal path may be configured to control sounds before MAIN volume controls or after them, or internal output signals of Stereo Channel may be fully disabled from Monitor Outputs.
   In last case, MONITOR SECTION may be used as simple MONITOR CONTROLLER and headphones amplifier for external signals from Stereo Input only!

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Rear panel

     At rear panel of the STEREO CHANNEL are placed 2 XLR-type balanced input connectors for microphones, 2 1/4" jacks for High-Z inputs, and 2 unbalanced jacks for the direct outputs from each of the preamplifiers.
     Both dynamic processors have individual jacks for inputs and outputs. Also STEREO CHANNEL has independently controlled MAIN and MONITOR jack outputs.
     Power connector, main`s switch and GROUND LIFT are also placed on the rear panel..
     Here You can see the most important parameters of the STEREO CHANNEL.